About Kindred Forum

At Kindred Global Mentorship, over at http://KindredMentor.com (currently being revamped) we have a dedicated marketplace for career mentorship in tech, where you can search, find, connect with and pay for mentors in many different areas of career focus.

We are building our database! So, please, when you register on Kindred Forum, go to the Introduce Yourself forum and … introduce yourself!

Here at Kindred Forum, we’ve taken some of our most experienced and active mentors from Kindred Mentor, and created forums for you, so that you can chat about your most pressing career issues.

As well, top mentors participate in live webinars throughout the year to tell you how to build the career of your dreams, whether in coding, app development, cyber security, creating a digital agency and much more.

It’s not just about meeting mentors. Our forum offers global peer networking opportunities in threads tailored to your industry sector and goals. Meet like-minded people building careers in YOUR industry to share strategies, tips, and help one another thrive.

Be sure to check out our Webinars page to see what’s coming up. When you choose our membership plan, we contact you so that you never miss an event!

Be in touch if you want to become a paid mentor on Kindred’s marketplace! You can register for free as a mentor or mentee, post a mentorship request for free, and if you are a mentor, set your prices. If you like, you can contact us via our contact page.

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