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IT Industry 2017 Outlook

Where does the technology sector begin and end, and what is the future of tech? When technology has expanded so rapidly into nearly ever conceivable industry, the distinctions become blurry. We now have FinTech, AdTech, FarmTech, EdTech. We can’t build without the tech of 3D modelling, or do urban planning without heavy IT-based analysis and…

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Mentorship for Women in Tech

How can we take women in tech more seriously and cultivate more female representation in a predominantly male industry? Why does this matter? We might consider that women have an enviable track record when they do make it to the top. In fact, Women-led businesses have growth rates five times that of male-led businessess. Women-led private…

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Why Online Mentorship Fast Tracks You to Success

Why Online Mentoring Is the Fast Track to Success Finding a mentor is one of the most important things you can do for your career today—and here’s why. Let’s face it: the old days when you could graduate then waltz into an office and pick up a job for life, working your way up the…

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