IT Industry 2017 Outlook

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women leadershipWhere does the technology sector begin and end, and what is the future of tech? When technology has expanded so rapidly into nearly ever conceivable industry, the distinctions become blurry. We now have FinTech, AdTech, FarmTech, EdTech. We can’t build without the tech of 3D modelling, or do urban planning without heavy IT-based analysis and models. The career scope for the technologically trained is ever broader, so much so that in any field, tech skills are a requirement for advancement and certainly innovation.

The five most valuable companies in the world are currently technology companies, and no matter how you assess financial valuations, it’s notable that tech now stands neck to neck with finance, energy, health, and manufacturing sectors.

Our world is totally interconnected by technology, and from a basis in cloud connectivity, we are expanding rapidly into virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and more.

 CompTIA projects global IT industry growth of 4.1 percent in 2017. If this growth materializes, it will push the $3.4 trillion global IT industry past the $3.5 trillion mark by year’s end.

Here are some of CompTIA’s predictions, from the cloud era, to Internet of Things, cyber security, to a workforce blended in with virtual assistance, to the net worth forecasted for the IT industry worldwide. If you are in the IT industry, this is a must read!


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